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Fall Lawn Prep: 5 Must-have Attachments

October 14, 2020    Midwest Machinery

When the temperature begins to drop below 60 degrees and the sun begins to set earlier in the day, that can only mean one thing - the change from Summer to Fall has begun. As a homeowner, you will notice your lawn begin to slow down in growth. But this doesn’t mean you should be switching your John Deere mower over to the snow blower just yet. Fall is a great time to rejuvenate your lawn and prepare it for a healthy start come Spring. Below are five attachments we recommend homeowners consider for Fall lawn care maintenance

  1. Thatcher (Front or Pull Behind)

Thatch build up in your lawn prevents sunlight and oxygen from getting to grass and makes it easier for weeds and other board leaves to grow. A John Deere Thatcher attachment, either on the front or pull behind, is an effective tool that pulls out thatch build up and give your lawn a chance to receive the nutrients it needs to grow strong roots when the snow melts

  1. Tow Behind Aerator

Aerating your lawn improves soil drainage and loosens the soil. John Deere’s 48” tow-behind plug aerator hooks easily up to any lawn and garden tractor and makes aerating any size yard an easy chore. When the plugging spoons penetrate the soil, it removes plugs so water, oxygen and nutrients can more easily reach your lawns root system.

  1. Fertilizer Spreader

    In Minnesota, Fall is a great time to apply fertilizer. Cool-season grasses respond well to Fall fertilizing because of the high amounts of moisture those Fall Minnesota mornings bring. A John Deere 3.5 cu. ft. tow behind spreader is a simple and fast way to fertilize your lawn without being exposed to the fertilizer being spread. For larger properties, a Frontier SS1036B 3-Point spreader gives you a swath spread of 23 feet giving you the ability to cover ground quickly.

  2. Dump From Seat Bagger

    Neglecting your leaves during the Fall will cause the leaves to decompose over winter and welcome harmful lawn insects to your lawn. The Dump-From-Seat Bagger option from John Deere allows you to empty the hopper without leaving the seat which saves you time by eliminating having to consistently empty hopper bags. These bagging systems are available in all different hopper capacities and work on most John Deere riding lawn mowers. Connect your local Midwest Machinery Parts Department for complete bagger options.

  3. Mulch Control

    Mulching your lawn, especially if you fertilize, is a great way to produce a healthy-looking lawn. The John Deere Mulch-Control attachment turns your deck into a mulching deck by restricting the airflow under the deck and allowing leaves and other debris to be grinded up into a fine, nutrient rich material for your lawn. Check out the video to see exactly how the Mulch Control attachment works.

Taking the time and using the right attachments for your lawn during the Fall season can pay dividends with a healthy-looking lawn come Spring. If you would like more information about any of the John Deere attachments in this article send an information request to your local Midwest Machinery dealer by clicking the link below.

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