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John Deere Announces Model Year 22 8 Series & 9 Series Tractor Enhancements

April 8, 2021    Midwest Machinery

John Deere recently announced enhancements to the model year 22 John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series Tractors. These improvements will change the way farmers plant, care for, and harvest their crops. Both the John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series Tractors feature updates that are first of their kind in the agriculture industry.

Integrated Technology

For model year 22, both the 8 & 9 Series Tractors will come equipped from the factory with JDLink connectivity, an integrated StarFire6000 GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display, and AutoTrac™ guidance to improve the yield of crops by using precision farming data and technology. JdLink™ comes with a 5-year service package which includes machine-to-machine communication, streaming, field and crop information, wireless data transfer, and John Deere Connected Support

Premium Cab for all-day Comfort

The new John Deere 8 Series & 9 Series Tractors offer operators the choice of a Select, Premium, or Ultimate cab packages to choose from. The Ultimate comfort and convenience package includes a footrest, a refrigerator, and a heated massaging seat that also swivels 25 degrees to the left and 40 degrees to the right for ultimate operator comfort. The Ultimate visibility package also features over 35 LED lights, heated and telescoping mirrors, and front/rear integrated cameras.


Model Year 22 John Deere 9 Series Tractor Updates

The updated 9 Series lineup includes wheel 9R, two-track 9RT, and four-track 9RX Tractors that enable farmers to cover more acres in less time with greater accuracy and quality. Reduce operating costs all while enjoying a larger, more comfortable cab. John Deere is the only manufacturer to offer all three tractor configurations.

Increased Power for Improved Productively

The 9R and 9RX articulated models feature an increase of 20-hp across the lineup, which now tops out at 640 hp - the highest in the industry. "Farmers will appreciate the added low-end torque and lugging ability of the all-new, John Deere PowerTech ™ 13.6 L diesel engine. This engine powers models with 390 to 590 horsepower and runs with 50% less engine noise. It’s also easier to perform routine maintenance on," said Ryan Jardon, product marketing manager for John Deere. "Our largest tractors, the 9R 640 and 9RX 640 are powered by a Cummins 15 L diesel engine." In addition to the increased horsepower, the undercarriage axle and front frame were also strengthened. By doing this it increases the weight of the tractor and helps you increase your overall power to the ground.

Model Year 22 John Deere 8 Series Tractor Updates

John Deere has updated the 8 Series Tractor lineup by building on a strong foundation of existing technology and offering new solutions that help farmers be more productive with their time. The 8 Series includes wheel 8R, two-track 8RT, and four-track 8RX models.

Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)

Adjusting tire pressure on large tractors takes time and can require extra equipment that can compromise tire pressures when switching between transport and field operations. John Deere CTIS simplifies this process on 8R Tractors equipped with Independent Link Suspension (ILS™). When the “road” setting is selected, CTIS increases air pressure in the tires which increases transport efficiency and reduces tire wear for improved transport, ride quality, and handling. Alternatively, when the “field” setting is chosen, CTIS decreases air pressure to create a larger footprint with more lug engagement that reduces slip and ground pressure for enhanced agronomic benefits.

“Using CTIS, operators can monitor and adjust tire pressure as quick as 2 PSI/min, from the cab, push-button easy,” says Ryan Jardon, tactical marketing manager for John Deere. “CTIS makes it easy to adjust and optimize inflation pressures regardless of the task.”

ExactRate™ Tractor Tanks for 8RX Tractors

Previously, farmers looking to apply high-rate fertilizer while planting would have to stop often to fill their tanks or add a large third-party commodity tank - which can make it difficult to get in and out the cab. John Deere’s new 8RX Tractors now come equipped with integrated 1,000-gallon-capacity ExactRate ™ Tractor Tanks. Customers looking for improved planting benefits (like improved flotation), can pair an 8RX equipped with ExactRate ™ with a John Deere planter on tracks and maintain ground pressure under 15 PSI. The 8RX four-track reduces ground compaction up to 14% compared to wheel tractors with third-party tanks - even while carrying the extra payload.

"Third-party tanks can add extra width to the tractor, making it difficult for operators to enter and exit the cab, and they impede visibility," Jardon said. "ExactRate ™ Tractor Tanks are a factory solution backed by John Deere dealers and provide greater customer convenience, outstanding visibility, and plenty of room to enter and exit the cab. The tanks provide seamless fluid transfer to the planter since the plumbing and tank hardware are factory installed. This fully integrated system is monitored and controlled using the John Deere Generation 4 Display."

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