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John Deere Parts vs. Off-brand: How to decide

November 30, 2020    Midwest Machinery

A decision that almost everyone faces at some point or another is the decision to purchase OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or parts from an off-brand 3rd party vendor. While the price tag might have you considering off-brand parts, here are three reasons to purchase OEM parts for your John Deere equipment. 


John Deere Quality 

OEM parts come directly from the manufacturer you bought your equipment from. Non-OEM or off brand parts are made from a variety of different manufacturers and then are sold by a supplier company. 


When customers purchase a piece of John Deere equipment, they expect that they are getting the highest quality product in the industry. The same can be expected when purchasing John Deere OEM parts. John Deere parts are specially designed for your equipment and are typically the exact part that was on your machine when it was new. Off-brand parts are often re-engineered by manufacturers to meet industry demand and are generally lower quality, less durable, and lower priced.


Owning John Deere equipment provides customers comfort knowing they are investing in a premium product that will last for years to come. Purchasing John Deere parts makes certain that your equipment will continue to run at the highest standard customers have grown accustomed to.


Dealership Support & Availability 

The John Deere dealer network is another advantage of owning green and yellow equipment. John Deere trained Parts employees make it easy for customers to get the parts they need and do it in a quick, stress-free environment.


If online is more convenient, Midwest Machinery’s Dealer Customer Portal allows you to order parts online and document equipment details like serial numbers, the model of your equipment, and the year. It even lets you see past transactions for common parts you buy regularly.


Off-brand parts are available at large retail stores and auto parts stores where employees are most often not specialized in John Deere products. Finding the correct part can be challenging, and when your equipment is down - time is money.  


When it comes to parts availability between John Deere OEM and non-OEM off-brand parts there is no comparison. “Parts are still available for the older John Deere two-cylinder tractors from the 1930’s. It says a lot about a brand when they can get original parts for not only new equipment but also equipment that is almost 100 years old.” Says Rod Girodat, Midwest Machinery’s Corporate Parts Manager. If Midwest Machinery doesn't have your part on hand, we can have it shipped in 2 days or less. Off-brand parts that are not on hand can take weeks to ship from their factory, which is normally overseas. 



John Deere OEM parts warranty on ag equipment parts is 12 months unlimited hours when installed by an authorized John Deere Dealer. 


On consumer product (such as Gators, Compact Utility Tractors, and Lawn Mowers) parts, regardless if they are dealer-installed or not, a 6-month unlimited hour warranty is offered. If a part did need to be warrantied, John Deere covers not only the warranty part, but also any other part that failed. Most off-brand parts dealers will offer a 30-90 days warranty and do not cover any other parts that might have failed due to the faulty part.


Next time you consider whether buy John Deere OEM Parts or off-brand, non-OEM parts, keep in mind the benefits of buying OEM and keep your equipment operating at the John Deere Standard.


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