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April 8, 2021    Midwest Machinery

John Deere Announces Model Year 22 8 Series & 9 Series Tractor Enhancements

John Deere recently announced enhancements to the model year 22 John Deere 8 Series and 9 Series Tractors. These improvements will change the way farmers plant, care for, and harvest their crops....

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April 8, 2021    Midwest Machinery

John Deere Announces Model Year 22 Sprayer Product and Technology Enhancements

John Deere recently announced product and technology enhancements to its Sprayer and Self-Propelled Sprayer lineup for model year 22. New John Deere 400 and 600 Series Sprayers will ensure...

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February 9, 2021    Midwest Machinery

Which John Deere Compact Utility Tractor is right for you?

In the past 10 years, compact utility tractors have increased in popularity. The 1-4 series John Deere compact utility tractors offer versatility and a wide variety of customization options,...

January 12, 2021    Midwest Machinery

How to Maximize Your Equipment Trade-in Value

“How can I get the highest trade-in value on my equipment?” – it’s a question that crosses the mind of most farmers when considering a trade-in.  The most logical answer to this question is going...

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November 30, 2020    Midwest Machinery

John Deere Parts vs. Off-brand: How to decide

A decision that almost everyone faces at some point or another is the decision to purchase OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts or parts from an off-brand 3rd party vendor. While the price...

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November 10, 2020    Midwest Machinery

Tractor Attachments for Winter Snow Removal

During the Autumn season Mother Nature blesses us with beautiful weather, enjoyable outdoor activities and magnificent colors that fill the landscape. Mother Nature, however, can quickly change...

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October 14, 2020    Midwest Machinery

Fall Lawn Prep: 5 Must-have Attachments

When the temperature begins to drop below 60 degrees and the sun begins to set earlier in the day, that can only mean one thing - the change from Summer to Fall has begun. As a homeowner, you...

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September 1, 2020    Midwest Machinery

4 Key Things to Consider Before Buying a Compact Utility Tractor

Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade your compact utility tractor to a newer model, a little homework can go a long way when it comes to finding the right model at the right...

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August 24, 2020    Midwest Machinery

John Deere TECH Program: How it Works

“It isn’t your typical technician training college program.” Says Marv Hoffman, Midwest Machinery Corporate Service Manager, and recruiter of the North Dakota State College Science John Deere Tech...

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June 2, 2020    Midwest Machinery

Top 5 Reasons to Work at MMC

1.) All for One and One for All

Whether your applying for the parts, service or sales department rest assured everyone is working together toward a common goal. Midwest Machinery’s vision is to be...

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